About Wellbeing Options

What is Wellbeing Options?

Wellbeing Options is a free resource providing local information to support you to live a full and independent life. By using this site, you’ll find what you are looking for, whether that is a lunch or social club near you, local care providers, services to help you around the home or activities and wellbeing courses. This is complemented with links to other useful websites and resources.

Most information is about services and organisations based in Bath & North East Somerset; however where there are none specifically in the area, we have included regional or national organisations.

We encourage organisations to add and update their own information about their service and/or events and email us news items to post on the site. Ownership of the data remains with the organisations and individuals who create or update the information, or it is ‘public domain’, for example, from a website open to the public. However comprehensive we aim to be, it’s likely there will be something missing; you can help by letting us know if you can’t find something - we will do our best to find this information for you and ensure it’s added to Wellbeing Options.

You Said, We Did

You said: “Some of the categories are confusing and it’s not always clear which category you need to look in. What’s the difference between ‘Your Health’ and ‘Your Wellbeing’?”

We did: Added a brief description to each tile/ category and changed ‘Your Wellbeing’ to ‘Your Wellbeing – Taking care of Yourself’.

You said: “There should be an “About” page explaining why the site has been built and how it is kept up to date etc”

We did: Created an ‘About’ page that informs people of why Wellbeing Options was created and about the site.

You said: You don’t like to read lots to get the information you need

We did: Try to keep description short, developed a FAQs section with short concise answers.

You said: I think that the calendar could be really great

We did: Created an events calendar with information about groups, activities and events in Bath and North East Somerset, which is constantly being updated.